Trendy Jobs paid me with a counterfiet check.

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Seeking employment I paid resume rabbit $39.95 to post my resume.First contact came from about an employment opportunity.

Informed to IM Tony Ross at I was interviewed on June 9, 2010 via IM and hired. I was also informed that Trendy Jobs would provide to me a laptop, scanner and software to perform the functions of this job.I was sent (unbeknowst to me) a counterfiet check in the amount of $2850.00 to purchase the equipment and software.

AFter informing Tony Ross that the check was being returned all contact came to an abrupt end.A police report has been made with the Kansas City Police Department.

Review about: Employment Scam.



Every check he's sent me has gone to my local police department!I knew this was a scam but I like to *** him off!

I still have his info on my messenger and IM him every chance I get!

Haven't seen him on in 6 days but I'll find him eventually and give him ***...:(


Tony Ross is a scam artist.I actually have an Instant Messenger conversation I saved, where he admitted to me that he is a scam artist.

The name Tony Ross is a made up name. He told me his name is Freeway Rick Ross, Former Drug Kingpin. Most important he threatened to hurt me if I didn't give him money.

This has been reported to FBI....I sure hope this person or persons are caught.


So it is a total fraud? B/c I did the interview too, was promised all of that as well. Should I go to the police?


Friday, July 09, 2010 22:12:39 CDT

Received email from

about job opportunity. (IM)Mr. Tony Ross Instant Message this ID (trendyjob) asap for interview.

I will ignore this opportunity based on Bchuck64's experience.



:sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh


:( I knew this would be a too good to be true job because he says he'll pay for everything laptop, scanner, fax, etc, and pay you weekly.But all he wants to do is give you a counterfeit check and take your account number and take your money from the bank, probably his intentions are very very BAD.

I told him I was going to tell the police if he did anything fishy. Watch out for these kind of scammers because you will be screwed and unhappy.

Look out for hiring desk SOLOMON WEST, and TONY ROSS, both are partners and act like they did notthing wrong.They said they would send me a check and if that bounces i will know for sure it is surely a SCAM.


I just got e-mail with the same message to contact Tony Ross for an interview via IM. Wondered if this was a scam and found your message which confirms that it is. Thanks for posting.

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